Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cheryl Deserée- Dreamy review

Cheryl Deserée took home the 2017 Academy Of Western Artists award for Western Swing Female Vocalist Of The Year and it’s easy to hear why after a listen to her brand new release, Dreamy!  Cheryl blends her traditional country, western swing and jazz influences in a unique style that is all her own.  I was reminded of this wonderful project titled Great Hawaiian Hits by The Mills Brothers as I was listening to Cheryl’s album.  They were one of my dad’s favorites and a group I didn’t fully appreciate until after his passing.  Hearing Cheryl’s new project certainly brought a smile as a few of the tracks brought back the memory of this album and happy to hear new generations with a beautiful blending of styles.  Deserée delivers standout sultry and smoky vocals throughout this project that is so aptly titled.  Dreamy feels like the perfect record to put on to really get lost in each performance. 

Asleep At The Wheel’s Ray Benson joins in on the Louis Prima & Keely Smith cover “Oooh-dah-dilly-dah” and the result is pure fun!  There’s no way to not smile hearing this one.  “Home To Stay” is another real treat with guests Riders In The Sky providing the perfect backdrop to Cheryl’s impeccable delivery.  As with so many songs on this release, you are transformed to an earlier decade where music was performed with real talent.  Dale Watson lends his lead guitar to “Another Empty Bottle” which is a wonderful classic country track with smoky vocals full of attitude: “I won’t apologize for this ugly truth I tell/ everything I’m good at is going to land me in jail or hell!”

How many releases these days so effortlessly take you back?  Not many but this is one you will keep coming back to.  It’s not background music.  You will be actively involved even if it’s just daydreaming…which judging from the title is the goal and in particular the tracks “Dreamy, Too” and “Dreamy…After Hours”, which sort of set the pace of the album.  Another song to highlight is “Tele I’a O Le Sami” (Let Me Hear You Whisper) which is a beautiful Samoan love song.  You may have heard this from other artists before, but this one is likely to be your favorite as it is mine!  Of note to mention is that Cheryl wrote or co-wrote 11 of the 13 tracks as well which shows her talent with a pen as well as a microphone!  Put Dreamy on, close your eyes and be thankful such great music like this is being created!

1. Sitting Duck
2. Another Empty Bottle
3. Starstruck
4. Rumor Mill
5. Dreamy, Too
6. Half White Trash, Half Black Sheep
7. Tele I’a O Le Sami
8. Home To Stay
9. Oooh-dah-dilly-dah
10. Dreamy...After Hours
11. Snake Oil And Stiff Drinks
12. Neglected Waltz
Bonus: Too Long Daddy

Cheryl Deserée-Dreamy
Stepford Bunny Records
Release Date: September 7, 2018