Catching A Wave radio show highlights

In case you may have missed my Catching A Wave radio show that aired in late 2016 through the end of 2017, I've posted 10 full shows to enjoy.  Perhaps one day we'll ride the waves again!

October 10th, 2016/ Eddie Angel Interview
Eddie Angel of Los Straitjackets is our guest this hour as we discuss the band's masks, resurgence of surf music, album with Deke Dickerson, The Neanderthals and a request for The Astronauts.  We also hear a new track from Southern Culture On The Skids as well as tunes from Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, Johnny Fortune, The Chantays, Glen Campbell and the Chevells!

Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Dick Dale- "Let's Go Trippin'"
The Beach Boys- "Girl From New York City"

Eddie Angel interview:
East Nashville Teens- "The Lonely Bull"
Segment 1
Los Straitjackets- "Scram! It's The Fuzz"
Eddie Angel- "Devil Or Angel"
Segment 2
Los Straitjackets- "Fury"
Segment 3
Los Straitjackets & Deke Dickerson- "Pipeline"
Segment 4
Martian Denny Orchestra- "Out Of Limits"
Eddie Angel- "Rumble Mambo"
Segment 5
The Neanderthals- "Lil' XKE"
Segment 6
The Astronauts- "Surf Party"
Los Straitjackets- "Tailspin" (live)

Southern Culture On The Skids- "Grey Skies"
Johnny Fortune- "Soul Surfer"
The Chantays- "Blunderbuss"
Glen Campbell- "Guess I'm Dumb"
Chevells- "Let There Be Surf"

Outro music bed: The Neanderthals- "Street Cleaner"

October 17th, 2016/ Randell Kirsch interview
Veteran musician Randell Kirsch is our guest on this week's Catching A Wave!  We discuss early influences, early group The Pranks (with Jeff Foskett), playing with multiple bands (Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys, Papa Doo Run Run, Al Jardine & Friends, Bamboo Trading Company, etc.), playing in Show Of Hands with his wife LuAnn and friend Chris Hickey, writing songs for Full House, playing with Christian Love and so much more!

Intro music bed:  The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Papa Doo Run Run- "Summertime Summer Nights"
Randell Kirsch segment 1
The Pranks- "What's The Point"
Segment 2
Jan & Dean- "Sidewalk Surfin'"
Jane Wiedlin- "Blue Kiss"
Segment 3
Show Of Hands- "Try Too Hard"
Segment 4
Snippet of John Stamos- "Michelle's Smiling"
Segment 5
Papa Doo Run Run- "I'll Meet You On The Sand"
Randell Kirsch- "Gimme A Hug"
Segment 6
Randell Kirsch- "God Only Knows"
Segment 7
Randell Kirsch & Christian Love- "Big Electricity"
Al Jardine & Friends- "Surfin' USA"
Segment 8
The Bamboo Trading Company- "Don't Say It's Over"
Segment 9
Randell Kirsch- "True Love Again"
Jan & Dean- "I Get Around"
Outro music bed:  Papa Doo Run Run- "The Giant Dipper"

November 7th, 2016/ Dean Torrence interview part 1
Dean Torrence joins us for part 1 of our interview as we discuss his new book, Surf City: The Jan & Dean Story!  We chat about Jan Berry, The Laurels version of "Baby Talk", KJAN, The Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann", Brian Wilson & Surf City and more!  We also hear tunes from Dick Dale, The Atlantics, The Lively Ones, Link Wray and Deke Dickerson & Los Straitjackets!

Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

The Beach Boys (w/ Dean Torrence)- "Barbara Ann" (take 3)
Dick Dale- "Ho-Dad Machine"
The Lively Ones- "Chicken Scratch"
Deke Dickerson & Los Straitjackets- "Wild Weekend"
Link Wray- "The Green Hornet"

Dean Torrence interview:
Segment 1
Jan & Dean- "Deadman's Curve"
Segment 2
Jan & Dean- "Sidewalk Surfin'"
Segment 3
Snippet of The Laurels- "Baby Talk"
Segment 4
Jan & Dean- "Baby Talk"
Segment 5
Snippet of The Beach Boys- "Surfin'"
Segment 6
Jan & Dean- "Surf City"
Legendary Masked Surfers- "Gonna Hustle You"
Segment 7
The Beach Boys (w/ Dean Torrence)- "Barbara Ann" (take 1)
The Atlantics- "Gate Crasher"

Outro music bed:  Jan & Dean- "Old Ladies Seldom Power Shift"

November 14th, 2016/ Dean Torrence interview part 2
Dean Torrence joins us again for part 2 of our interview as we discuss the T.A.M.I. show, working with Steve Martin, Kittyhawk Graphics, Jan & Dean's tv pilot vs The Monkees, on stage with The Beach Boys, longevity and more!  We also hear tunes from Duane Eddy, The Belairs, Dennis Wilson, The Beach Boys, Hal Blaine, Bamboo Trading Company and the Ramones covering Jan & Dean!

Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Duane Eddy- "Yep"
The Belairs- "Volcanic Action"
Dennis Wilson- "Pacific Ocean Blue"
The Beach Boys- "Rock N Roll Music"
Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars- "Dance With The Surfin' Band"

Dean Torrence interview
Segment 1
Jan & Dean- "(Here They Come) From All Over The World"
Segment 2
Jan & Dean- "Like A Summer Rain"
Segment 3
Snippet of The Monkees- "(Theme From) The Monkees"
Dean Torrence- "Baby Talk"
Segment 4
Laughing Gravy- "Vegetables"
Segment 5
Jan & Dean- "Little Old Lady From Pasadena"
The Bamboo Trading Company- "Shrewd Awakening"
Segment 6
Jan & Dean- "Drag City"
Ramones- "Surf City"

Outro music bed:  Dick Dale- "Del-Tone Rock"

November 28th, 2016/ Keith Sykes interview
Keith Sykes, singer-songwriter and former member of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band, is our guest this week as we discuss writing with Jimmy Buffett, songwriting tips and his latest EP, Songs From A Little Beach Town.  Plus, we have a quick chat with Chris Isaak about Dick Dale.  We also hear tracks from Jerry Cole & His Spacemen, Elvis Presley, The Martian Denny Orchestra, Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys, Jinx Jones, The Kanaloas and The El Caminos!

Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Jerry Cole & His Spacemen- "Papa Oom Mow Mow"
The El Caminos- "Surf Teen Beat"
Keith Sykes interview
Keith Sykes- "Come As You Are Beach Bar"
Segment 1
Jimmy Buffett- "Volcano"
Segment 2
Keith Sykes- "Little Beach Town"
Segment 3
Keith Sykes- "The Best Day"
Eddie & The Showmen- "Movin'"
Jan & Dean- "Walk Like A Man"
The Beach Boys- "We Got Love"
The Kanaloas- "The Day Of Malibu War"
Jinx Jones- "Thunderball"
Elvis Presley- "Hawaiian Sunset"
Chris Isaak- "Sweet Leilani"
Chris Isaak on Dick Dale
Dick Dale- "The Wedge"
The Martian Denny Orchestra- "On The Move"
Outro music bed: Junior Brown- "Surf Medley"

December 5th, 2016/ Mike Love interview part 1
Mike Love of The Beach Boys is our guest for part 1 (of 2) of our interview on this week's Catching A Wave.  We discuss his nephew Kevin Love, playing saxophone, international appeal, the Everly Brothers, Murry Wilson, Pet Sounds, the last time Carl Wilson played with the band on stage and more! We also hear Christmas tracks from Man Or Astroman, Colbie Caillat, Spechlis, The Trashmen, Jimmy Buffett as well as classics from The Astronauts, Duane Eddy and Junior Brown (with The Beach Boys)!

Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Man Or Astroman?- Frosty The Snowman
The Trashmen- Dancing With Santa
Junior Brown & The Beach Boys- 409
Duane Eddy- Beach Bound
The Astronauts- Susie Q

Mike Love interview
Segment 1
The Beach Boys- "Surfin' USA"
Segment 2
The Everly Brothers with The Beach Boys- "Don't Worry Baby"
Segment 3
The Beach Boys- "California Girls"
Mike Love, Bruce Johnston & David Marks- "Little Honda"
Segment 4
The Beach Boys- "Here Today"
Segment 5
The Beach Boys- "God Only Knows"

Colbie Caillat- "Christmas In The Sand"
Spechlis- "Up On The Housetop"
Jimmy Buffett- "Run Rudolph Run"

Outro music bed- The Ventures- "Winter Wonderland"

December 12th, 2016/ Mike Love interview part 2
Mike Love is our guest again for part 2 of our interview on Catching A Wave.  We discuss the 50th anniversary of "Good Vibrations", recent interview with Dan Rather, 2015's single release of "You'll Never Be Alone On Christmas Day", new music, special request and more!  We also hear more Christmas tunes from Jan & Dean, The Ventures, Los Straitjackets, Phil Keaggy and surfin' tunes from The Chantays, Dick Dale, Bang Mustang, The Sabres, Al Casey and Southern Culture On The Skids!

Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Los Straitjackets- "Feliz Navidad"
Jan & Dean- "Frosty The Snowman"
Al Casey- "Surfs You Right"
The Sabres- "Stink Bomb"
Southern Culture On The Skids- "Rumours Of Surf"

Mike Love interview
The Beach Boys- "I Get Around"
Segment 1
The Beach Boys- "Good Vibrations"
Segment 2
The Beach Boys- "Goin' To The Beach"
Segment 3
Mike Love- "Hungry Heart"
Segment 4
Mike Love- "You'll Never Be Alone On Christmas Day"
Segment 5
The Beach Boys- "All This Is That"

The Ventures- "Blue Christmas"
Phil Keaggy- "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"
Bang Mustang- "Stranded"
Dick Dale- "Mr. Eliminator"
The Chantays- "Banzai"

Outro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Carl's Big Chance"

July 3rd, 2017
It's our 3rd "Wheel Of Fun, Fun, Fun" game where we spin a wheel and play whichever Beach Boys cover tune it lands on.  This time we hear Beach Boys covers from The Neanderthals, The Astronauts, Dave Edmunds, Dave Alvin and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Plus, we spin tunes from Jan & Dean, The Chantays, Black Flamingos, Man Or Astro-Man, The Ventures, Chris Casello Trio, Die Space Hobos, our weekly trivia question and more!!

Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Die Space Hobos- "Splashback"
The Ventures- "The Switch"
The Beach Boys- "Hawaii"
The Margraves- "That Somethin'"
Chris Casello Trio- "Apache"
Black Flamingos- "The Gurch"
Bruce Johnston- "Green Onions"
Man Or Astro-Man?- "Clean Up On Isle #9"
The Fender IV- "Highway Surfer"
The El Caminos- "Shock Wave"

Wheel Of Fun, Fun, Fun 3:
The Neanderthals- "Be True To Your School"
The Astronauts- "Surfin' USA"
Dave Edmunds- "God Only Knows"
Dave Alvin- "Surfer Girl"
Red Hot Chili Peppers- "I Get Around"

The Surfaris- "Wipe Out"
Jan & Dean- "I Gotta Drive"
The Kilaueas- "Black Phantom Twang"
The Chantays- "Tragic Wind"

Outro music bed- Jan & Dean- "Skateboarding (Part 1)"

August 14, 2017
We spin newly released tracks from the archives of Jan & Dean and The Beach Boys on this week's Catching A Wave!  We also hear from Dick Dale, Freddy Cannon, Terry Anderson, The Lively Ones, Southern Culture On The Skids, The Volcanics, our weekly trivia question and more!

Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Jan & Dean- "Prelude/ Honolulu Lulu"
The Huntington Cads- "Never To Return"
The Beach Boys- "Aren't You Glad"
The Bobby Fuller Four- "Our Favorite Martian"
Doyley & The Twanglords- "D-Twang"
The New Dimensions- "Rumblebee"
The Lively Ones- "Tranquilizer"
Jan & Dean- "Brass Sectional Introductions/ Dead Man's Curve"
The Persuaders- "Surfer Strip"
The Volcanics- "Girls, Girls, Girls"
The Beach Boys- "Can't Wait Too Long"
The Verbtones- "Saturday Night On Mars"
Jan & Dean- "Hang On Sloopy/ Jan & Dean, They'll Be Back"
Dick Dale- "Surfin' Rebel"
Freddy Cannon- "Tallahasse Lassie"
The Flame- "See The Light"
Terry Anderson- "Carl Wilson"
The Beach Boys- "Surfer Girl (1967 A Cappella Mix)
Southern Culture On The Skids- "The Sweeper"

Outro music bed:  The Beach Boys- "That's Why God Made The Radio" (instrumental)

November 13, 2017/ Chris Casello interview
We chat with guitarist Chris Casello later in the show this week.  We talk about surf guitar influences as well as his involvement with The Prodigals and The Sabres! Plus, we spin NEW songs from The Surfrajettes and The Splashdowns along with a "trio from Chuck Rio", The Explorers Club, The Beach Boys, Surfer Joe, our weekly trivia question and more!

Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

The Sabres- "Mr. Moto"
The Splashdowns- "Micro Meteorites"
Trio from Chuck Rio:
The Persuaders & Chuck Rio- "Toes On The Nose"
The Champs- "T.N.T."
Chuck Rio & The Originals- "Margarita"
Duane Eddy- "Ramrod"
Interview segment 1
The Ventures- "Oh Lonesome Me"
Interview segment 2
Chris Casello Trio- "Miserlu"
Interview segment 3
The Prodigals- "Sharkskin Buffalo"
Chris Casello Trio- "Walk, Don't Run"
Interview segment 4
The Sabres- "Ride The Savage"
The Beach Boys- "Shelter"
The Explorers Club- "No Strings Attached"
The Astronauts- "Come Along Baby"
Spies Who Surf- "Spy Beach"
The Surfrajettes- "Cha Cha Heels"
Surfer Joe- "Beach City Bop"
Outro music bed: Chris Casello Trio- "El Nino"