Monday, August 1, 2016

Billy Harlan- Still Boppin'!/ Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour 08-01-16

Kentucky native and rockabilly legend Billy Harlan is our guest this week.  We discuss early influences, lifelong friendship with the Everly Brothers, recording at RCA Studio B in the 50's with Chet Atkins, new generation discovering his rockabilly classics, playing festivals like Viva Las Vegas and Nashville Boogie and recording a new project at Studio B for Muddy Roots Records!

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Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey
Intro music bed:  Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"
Billy Harlan

Elvis Presley- "Jailhouse Rock"
Kat Kings- "Juke Joint Jimmy"
Johnny Knight- "Rock & Roll Guitar"
Polecats- "Don't Push"
Charlie Gracie- "You Got A Heart Like A Rock"

Billy Harlan interview
Billy Harlan- "Teen Jean Jive"
Segment 1
Hawkshaw Hawkins- "My Fate Is In Your Hands"
Segment 2
Billy Harlan- "School House Rock"
Segment 3
(l to r): Chet Atkins, Pig Robbins,
Billy Harlan, Don Everly,
JD Loudermilk
Billy Harlan- "I Wanna Bop"
Segment 4
Billy Harlan- "This Lonely Man"
Segment 5
Billy Harlan- "Boogie Woogie Rock & Roll Man"
Segment 6
Billy Harlan- "I Ain't Elvis"
Segment 7
The Everly Brothers- "All I Have To Do Is Dream"

Brian Setzer Orchestra- "'49 Mercury Blues"
Dion- "The Apollo King"
The Silvershakers- "Vagabond"
Sleepy LaBeef, Billy Harlan,
Jason Galaz (Muddy Roots Records)

Outro music bed:  Sonny Burgess- "Itchy"