Monday, May 25, 2015

Dick Dale interview part 4 and more!

Guitar legend Dick Dale joins us once more to talk about some things that are the most dear to him...his wife Lana and talking to people one on one after a show.  Plus, we hear from Pokey LaFarge, Dion, Tommy Sands, Si Cranstoun and more!

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Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Tommy Sands- "The Worrying Kind"
Si Cranstoun- "Coupe De Ville"

Photo courtesy of Lana and Dick Dale

Dick Dale Interview
Dick Dale segment 1 (music bed- "Caravan")
"Ring Of Fire"
Dick Dale segment 2 (music bed- "Unknown Territory")
"Stop Teasing"
Dick Dale segment 3 (music bed- "Third Rock From The Sun")
"Hava Nagila"
music bed- "Let's Go Trippin'"
"Grudge Run"
Dick Dale segment 4 (music bed- "Esperanza")
"You Are My Sunshine" 

courtesy of Lana & Dick Dale
after Viva Las Vegas set
courtesy of Lana & Dick Dale
Pokey LaFarge- "Actin' A Fool"
Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang- "Tainted Love"
Dion- Flim Flam

:60 Album Review with Connor Rocket- Jai Malano- Rocket Girl

Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes- "She Knows How"