Saturday, June 28, 2014

50th Anniversary of classic Jan & Dean albums and new EP featuring Dean Torrence

Photo ©2014 Lee Dempsey

"LOL" may reference "laugh out loud" these days among our Twitter, Facebook and texting generations.  In 1964, it referenced a "Little Old Lady" with a certain brand new, shiny red, super stock Dodge!  With Summer officially kicked off in high gear, it's only fitting to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of 2 vintage Jan & Dean albums!  Endless Summer Quarterly's (ESQ) David Beard recently sat down with Dean Torrence to discuss both Ride The Wild Surf and The Little Old Lady From Pasadena as they hit the 50 year mark.  The interview and track by track account will be available mid-July in their Summer 2014 publication!  If you're a fan of Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys and just great music, you absolutely must have this publication!

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Also, while we continue to celebrate the Jan & Dean classics, how about something new from Dean Torrence this Summer?  The Bamboo Trading Company has a new EP coming July 4th featuring Dean on “Star Of The Beach.”  Torrence provides lead vocals on the chorus to this little gem about an aged surfer who waxes nostalgic about his younger days.  As an added bonus, Matt Jardine (son of Beach Boy Al Jardine) provides lead vocals on the verses.  This version of the recording made its debut in the film “Return Of The Killer Shrews” in 2012, but wasn’t officially released until December 3, 2013 on The Bamboo Trading Company’s CD, From Kitty Hawk To Surf City.  Dean and Matt are joined by David Marks (original founding member of the Beach Boys) and Probyn Gregory (Brian Wilson band) on guitars and backing vocals, and the track was arranged by Gregory.  This will mark the first time the song is available for digital download.  And to make another connection, ESQ's David Beard serves as Executive Producer, Packaging Designer and co-writer of the tracks!

Dean's involvement and influence is felt on the other tracks on the EP as well.  The special edition EP also includes an exclusive “Star Of The Beach” downloadable artwork.  The Harry Nilsson-inspired “Drinkin’ In The Sunshine” (with Torrence on backing vocals) should be the song of the Summer with a guarantee you will sing along.  Don't be surprised if you reach for your favorite Nilsson projects after wondering if this was a cover.  Yes, it's that good!  The Jan & Dean-inspired “I’ve Always Loved The Ocean” (with Matt on lead) will make you believe you love the ocean even if you don't.  That has always been the appeal of artists like Jan & Dean and The Beach Boys.  Our idea of the ocean and beaches were shaped by their visual lyrics and infectious harmonies.  The anti-social media skewering “Tweet (Don’t Talk Anymore)” (with Dean on lead) is a very clever play on words incorporating the Twitter craze.  This in particular makes me think of what Jan & Dean would have sounded like if they had started in 2014 with catchy tunes, play on words and just overall fun (fun, fun)!

The Bamboo Trading Company are: Gary Griffin (Beach Boys band, Brian Wilson band, Jan & Dean band, Surf City
Allstars), Matt Jardine (Beach Boys band, Surf City Allstars, California Saga), Philip Bardowell (Beach Boys band,
Jan & Dean band, Surf City Allstars), Randell Kirsch (Beach Boys band, Jan & Dean band, Surf City Allstars), and
indie artists Chris English & Miami Dan Yoe.  While you're drinking in the sunshine, join this new six-member all-star cast as they head out toward the sandy & sunny shores of California, and pick up these releases today!

The promotional music video for “Shrewd Awakening,” from the film “Return Of The Killer Shrews,” features guest appearances by Dean Torrence and actors James Best (Dukes Of Hazzard) and Bruce Davison (X-Men, Willard, Deadman’s Curve). 

The Bamboo Trading Company is mixed & engineered by Gary Griffin
and mastered by Grammy Award Winner Mark Linett.

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