Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns- Rockabilly Deluxe

The band name alone will tell you that these guys aren't going to lull you to sleep.  A quick glance at their bio will further help you understand the full-on rockabilly assault you're about to hear.  They describe their style as, "a little bit country, a little bit punk, a little bit crazy, and a little bit drunk."  Rockabilly Deluxe is their 6th album and they aren't slowing down!  My advice is to open the windows and step back after you hit "play" to start the disc...not too unlike lighting fireworks and running for cover.  "King Of The Slot Car Track" blasts out of the speakers and doesn't let up.  It's such a high-energy punkabilly attack that you might have difficulty getting to track 2 for wanting to play it again!  Once you do make it to "Long Gone Daddy", the Cash meets Clash slow rockin' groove shows off the bands aforementioned style variance.  They throw in some tasty horns and lock into a groove.  A fun, tongue-in-cheek delivery of "Wild, Crazy and Out Of Control" shows not only their humor but how the band can throw down a groove that will draw you in combined with Wendell Jones'  almost Robert Gordon-like attack.  The band also features Wendell's brother Quentin on the twangy lead guitars that are sometimes Duane Eddy, sometimes Carl Perkins and all the time solid...perhaps through a punk filter.  You'll be amazed by the rhythm section of Dave Ferrara on drums and Crusher Carmean slappin' the upright bass.  They keep it moving like like a freight train coming right at you.  Get out of their way and enjoy the show!

Welcome to next level of rockabilly/roots.  It has a name.  It's The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns!

Left to right: Dave Ferrara, Wendell Jones, Crusher Carmean, Quentin Jones

"King Of The Slot Car Track"