Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Fabulous Thunderbirds feel energized with "On The Verge"

I talked with Kim Wilson about 18 months ago (interview found HERE) and a couple of things stood out to me.  One, he just really seemed to be in great spirits over this band he's assembled.  He described what each brought to the table and how it really energized the sound.  Secondly, he talked about recently really getting into the stuff from Specialty Records (Sam Cooke, Soul Stirrers, etc) and other soul singer acts.  It wasn't a surprise when you listen to this new album that you notice the energy as well as a soul and funk sound infused with their signature blues.  If you are a longtime fan, you're in for a treat as On The Verge is one of their best!  And for those that haven't listened in a while, this will be the album to bring you back!  The first single, "I Want To Believe" is a great groovin' track that will have you singing along before the first chorus has ended.  Sometimes you don't know what your missing in your musical repertoire until you hear it and this is something that was missing in mine!  Other standouts include the funky ("Too Much Water", "You Got To Bring It With You"), the soulful ("Hold Me", "Lovin' Time"), the blues ("Lonely Highway", "Do You Know Who I Am") and my personal favorite, "Running From The Blues".  That one has a great summer sound and hopefully you'll be hearing it on the radio soon!  Pick this one up wherever you like to get your new music and you'll be glad you did!

"I Want To Believe"

"Lovin' Time"