Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet "The One & Nines"

I was recently turned on to the music of The One & Nines.  They got their name from the four lane thoroughfare in New Jersey.  Their sound may be a bit difficult to nail down but if you start with the soul of early Motown and Stax (thanks to songwriter and guitarist Jeff Marino), throw in some Ella and Billie (thanks to singer Vera Sousa) and add just a pinch of a Dick Dale/Los Straitjackets guitar sound, you might come close to a description.  All I know is you will want to listen again...and again.

They are finding a way to take something that sounds familiar and making it uniquely their own.  I also love that they are preserving this on vinyl.  Sure, you can download it via iTunes and Amazon but for vinyl purists, you want to get this on 45 that is available from their store.  It's going on my jukebox alongside Link Wray, Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Jack White, Sam Cooke...and it fits in perfectly.  Taking a vintage sound and making it accessible to a new generation is a tough task, but it's one that they embrace.  Listen for yourself and go visit them at their site:

Pick up a 45 while you are there and remember this day several years from now when you can proclaim, "I discovered them early on!".

You can also order the 45 from these great links too:

"Tell Me"

"Make It Easy"