Friday, October 3, 2014

Eddie Cochran was born this day in 1938

Eddie Cochran was born this day in 1938 in Albert Lea, MN.  He was tragically killed in a car accident in England at the young age of 21.  His music legacy will continue to live on though.  "Summertime Blues", "Twenty Flight Rock", "Somethin' Else", "C'mon Everybody" and so many more hold a firm place in the foundation of Rock & Roll.  Here's some of his classics along with covers by others as well...

"Summertime Blues"- Eddie Cochran

"Summertime Blues" by The Who

"Summertime Blues" by Dion DiMucci

"Twenty Flight Rock"- Eddie Cochran

"Twenty Flight Rock" by Paul McCartney

"Twenty Flight Rock" by Brian Setzer

"C'mon Everybody"- Eddie Cochran

"C'mon Everybody/ Somethin' Else" by Led Zeppelin

"C'mon Everybody" by The Stray Cats

"Somethin' Else"- Eddie Cochran

"Somethin' Else" by Keith Richards

"Somethin' Else" by Brian Setzer