Friday, October 28, 2011

At a Liverpool record store in 1961, a fan asks the store clerk, Brian Epstein, for "My Bonnie"

Legend has it that a young fan named Raymond Jones walked in to North End Road Music Store looking for "My Bonnie" by The Beatles.  Actually, it was Tony Sheridan with "The Beat Brothers".  The Beatles were Tony's back-up band on these recordings and it was only released in Germany.  Brian Epstein was a clerk at the store and told Raymond they didn't have it.  When another person asked for it, he ordered it and then went to check the band out.  Some have claimed that he had to have heard of them before because he wrote a column in Mersey Beat.  Whether he had heard of them or not, the questions about the single made him go check out the band at the Cavern Club which was a short walk from the store.  Brian of course went on to be their manager.

Here's "My Bonnie" in it's original form...