Monday, September 9, 2019

Keep On Truckin' show/ Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour 09-09-19

Call me Gear-Jammin' James Riley this week as Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 8-14) with an hour of Truckin' tunes on our first annual Keep On Truckin' show!  We've got classics and more recent tunes from Dave Dudley, Red Simpson, Dick Curless, Johnny Cash, Red Sovine, Don Diego Trio, Kay Adams with BR549, Jerry Reed, Junior Brown (with Red Simpson), Dale Watson, The Hi-Risers, The Royal Hounds, Merle Haggard, The Golden Roses, Sonny George, Bill Kirchen, Sons Of The Pioneers and Link Davis!  Breaker One-Niner...this is Gear-Jammin' James Riley...anyone got their ears on?

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Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey
Intro Music Bed: Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"

Dave Dudley- "Six Days On The Road"
Dale Watson- "...Loose Nut Behind The Wheel"
Red Simpson- "Motivatin' Man"
Junior Brown & Red Simpson- "Nitro Express"
Jerry Reed- "East Bound & Down"
Dick Curless- "Big Wheel Cannonball"
The Golden Roses- "Bad Habit"
Sonny George- "Big Rig Blues"
Bill Kirchen- "Hillbilly Truck Drivin' Man"
Link Davis- "Trucker From Tennessee"
The Don Diego Trio- "Truck Drivin' Daddy"
Kay Adams & BR549- "Mama Was A Rock (Daddy Was A Rolling Stone)"
The Hi-Risers- "Gear Bustin' Sort Of A Feller"
Sons Of The Pioneers- "Diesel Smoke"
Merle Haggard- "Movin' On"
Dave Dudley- "Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun"
Johnny Cash- "All I Do Is Drive"
Red Sovine- "Giddy-Up Go"
The Royal Hounds- "Road Scholar"

Outro Music Bed:  Sonny George- "Jacknife"

•   Professional truck drivers drove over 287.9 billion miles in 2016, more than double 25 years ago.  Those miles accounted for 14.2% of all motor vehicle miles and 29.8% of all truck miles.

•   The trucking industry paid $41.8 billion in federal and state highway taxes in 2016, and represented 13.3 percent of vehicles on the road. The trucking industry paid $17.6 billion in federal highway-user taxes and $24.2 billion in state highway-user taxes in 2016.

•   The trucking industry consumed 54.9 billion gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline in 2016.  Based on consumption and price, ATA reported that motor carriers spent $142.9 billion in 2015.

•   The federal fuel tax for diesel in 2018 is 24.4 cents per gallon; the average state tax for diesel fuel was 25.2 cents per gallon.

•   There are 3.68 million class 8 trucks on the road in the United States and 11.7 million commercial trailers were registered in 2016.

•   There are 7.7 million truck drivers in the United States. Total industry employment is 3.5 million or one out of every 16 people working in the United States.

•   There are 777,240 for-hire carriers and 700,591 private carriers in the United States; 97.3 percent of them have fewer than 20 trucks and 91% are operating six trucks or less.

•   In 2016, the trucking industry hauled 10.77 billion tons of freight, or 70.1 percent of total U.S. freight tonnage.  Rail was the next busiest mode, moving 13.8 percent of the nation’s freight tonnage.

•   In 2017, the trucking industry was an astounding $700.18 billion industry, representing 79.3 percent of the nation’s freight bill.

•   More than 80 percent of U.S. communities depend solely on trucking for delivery of their goods and commodities.

•   A new truck produces one-tenth the fine particulate emissions and smog-forming NOx emissions as a similar truck manufactured just seven years ago.

•   Fine particulate emissions from on-road diesel trucks have been cut by more than half over the past decade.